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James Dungan

James Dungan

James Dungan

Recorded July, 2019

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PhD, Social Psychology, Boston College
BS, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


James is a principal researcher at the Center for Decision Research working with Dr. Nicholas Epley. He received his PhD in Social Psychology in 2017 from Boston College where he did research with Dr. Liane Young on the cognitive and neural bases of moral judgments across contexts. His work has incorporated techniques from cognitive neuroscience, social cognition, and moral psychology.

Research Interests

James is interested in moral courage and the forces that keep people from voicing their concerns. He is currently investigating courage in the contexts of whistleblowing, confrontation, and expressing support. More broadly, James is interested in characterizing loyalty and how it is balanced against other moral values, such as fairness.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Dungan, J.A., & Epley, N. Surprisingly Good Talk: Misunderstanding Others Creates a Barrier to Constructive Confrontation. Invited revision in progress. 
Dungan, J.A., Munguia Gomez, D., & Epley, N. (in press). Too Reluctant to Reach Out: Receiving Social Support is More Positive Than Expressers Expect. Psychological Science. 
Dungan, J.A., Young, L., & Waytz, A. (2019). The Power of Moral Concerns in Predicting Whistleblowing Decisions. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 85, 103848. 
Dungan, J.A., Waytz, A., & Young, L. (2015). The Psychology of Whistleblowing. Current Opinions in Psychology, 6, 129-133. 
For a full list, see James's Google Scholar page.