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Emily Powell

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PhD, Marketing, NYU Stern School of Business
BA, Psychology, Cornell University


Emily is a Principal Researcher at the Center for Decision Research. She earned her PhD in Marketing with a focus on Consumer Behavior from NYU Stern School of Business. Prior to joining Stern, Emily worked for several years in consulting in the Washington, DC area. She received her Bachelors of Arts with cum laude honors from Cornell University in Psychology. 


Emily studies consumer decision making with a particular interest in well-being and charitable giving. One stream of research focuses on identifying how errors in judgment prevent consumers from maximizing well-being. A second stream identifies how contextual features of the decision environment can be used to increase prosocial behavior, including charitable giving and the spread of kindness. Broadly, Emily is interested in understanding how everyday decisions can be used to improve individual and social good. 


Powell, Emily R., Alixandra Barasch, and Adam L. Alter “Routines Make People Unexpectedly Nostalgic,” revising for invited resubmission.

Powell, Emily R. and Adam L. Alter “Personal Growth is More Enjoyable than People Anticipate,” under review.