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Postdoctoral Research Professionals

The Center for Decision Research sponsors postdoctoral research professionals to contribute to the research environment at Chicago Booth.

Stephanie Chen

Research Interests: Concepts and Categories, Cognitive Development, Consumer Behavior, Financial Decision Making, Judgment and Decision Making.

James Dungan

Research Interests: Moral judgment

Amit Kumar

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Research Interests
: Happiness and Well-Being, Consumer Behavior, Experiential Consumption, Judgment and Decision-Making

Justin Landy

Email | Website
Research Interests
: Moral judgment, especially as it relates to emotion, social cognition, politics, and religion

Andrew Meyer


Yiwei Zhang

Research Interests
: Financial decision-making, charitable giving, behavioral economics, consumer behavior

Xuan Xhao

Research Interests
: Human interaction, interaction with robots

Our past postdoctoral fellows include:

Dan Bartels
Travis Carter
Heather Caruso
Brittany Christian
Alain Cohn
Xianchi Dai
Tal Eyal
Shoham Choshen-Hillel
Carlee Hawkins
Ming Hui
Brian Lucas
Jaime Luguri
Aaron Sackett

Oren Shapira
Oliver Sheldon
Alex Shaw
Janina Steinmetz
David Tannenbaum
Julia Vogt
Rebecca White
Haotian Zhou

Welcome to the Center for Decision Research

The Center for Decision Research is devoted to the study of how individuals form judgments and make decisions. Researchers at the center examine the processes by which intuition, reasoning, and social interaction produce beliefs, judgments, and choices. Understanding how and why people make decisions has important applications in a range of contexts, including management, marketing, finance, and public policy.

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