Postdoctoral Research Professionals - Center for Decision Research | Chicago Booth

Postdoctoral Research Professionals

The Center for Decision Research sponsors postdoctoral research professionals to contribute to the research environment at Chicago Booth.

Stav Atir

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Research Interests: Perceptions of self and other

James Dungan

Research Interests: Moral and interpersonal courage, whistleblowing, and how people navigate moral tradeoffs

Margaret Echelbarger

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Research Interests
: Ontogeny of judgment and decision making; financial decision making across the lifespan

Armando Meier

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Research Interests
Public economics, health economics, and behavioral economics

Andrew Meyer

Research Interests
: Judgement and decision-making

Reto Odermatt

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Research Interests
: Subjective well-being and its relation to economic decision making

Yiwei Zhang

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Research Interests: Household and consumer finance, financial decision-making, behavioral economics

Xuan Zhao

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Research Interests
: Human social interaction (perspective taking, prosocial behavior, communication); human-robot interaction

Our past postdoctoral fellows include:

Dan Bartels
Travis Carter
Heather Caruso
Stephanie Chen
Brittany Christian
Alain Cohn
Xianchi Dai
Tal Eyal
Shoham Choshen-Hillel
Carlee Hawkins
Ming Hui
Amit Kumar
Justin Landy
Brian Lucas

Jamie Luguri
Aaron Sackett

Oren Shapira
Oliver Sheldon
Alex Shaw
Janina Steinmetz
David Tannenbaum
Julia Vogt
Rebecca White
Haotian Zhou