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Samuel Hirshman

Samuel Hirshman

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BA, Swarthmore College


Sam is a PhD student in Behavioral Science at Booth. Prior to joining Booth, he worked as a research assistant at the RAND corporation doing health services research. He graduated from Swarthmore College in 2013 with a self-designed major in “Theories of Decision Making” which combined Judgment and Decision Making Psychology, Micro Economics, and Moral Philosophy, and a minor in Mathematics and Statistics.

Research Interests

Sam’s research interests lie at the intersection of Marketing and Behavioral Economics. He focuses on consumer financial decision making and dynamic decision making. In addition, he is interested in the estimation of Prospect Theory and discount functions. For further detail, consult his website

Selected Presentations & Publications

Hirshman, Samuel, and Abigail B. Sussman. "Paying More than the Minimum: Minimum Payments Lead to Suboptimal Debt Repayment Strategies across Multiple Cards". Presented at SJDM, BDRM, SCP, and FCAC conference on Financial Literacy.

Hirshman, Samuel, Devin Pope, and Jihong Song. "Mental Budgeting versus Relative Thinking." In AEA Papers and Proceedings, vol. 108, pp. 148-52. 2018.