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Michael Kardas

Michael Kardas

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BA, Psychology and Applied Mathematics, Brown University


Michael works primarily with Nick Epley and has also collaborated with Ed O’Brien, Eugene Caruso, and Alex Shaw, as well as alumni Juliana Schroeder and Amit Kumar.

Research Interests 

He studies psychological barriers that may keep people from engaging with others as often and as openly in daily life as would be optimal for their own well-being.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Kardas, M., Shaw, A., & Caruso, E. M. (2018). How to give away your cake and eat it too: Relinquishing control prompts reciprocal generosity. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Advance online publication.

Kardas, M., & O’Brien, E. (2018). Easier seen than done: Merely watching others perform can foster an illusion of skill acquisition. Psychological Science, 29, 521-536.

Schroeder, J., Kardas, M., & Epley, N. (2017). The humanizing voice: Speech reveals a more thoughtful mind in the midst of disagreement. Psychological Science, 28, 1745-1762.

O’Brien, E., & Kardas, M. (2016). The implicit meaning of (my) change. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 111, 882-894.