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Kristina Wald

Kristina Wald

Kristina Wald

Recorded July, 2019

Kristina Wald



BA, Psychology and Economics, Columbia University


Kristina Wald is a PhD student in the Behavioral Science department. She grew up three blocks from Booth and went to the University of Chicago Laboratory School, before attending Columbia University. After graduating in 2016, she worked for two years as a research assistant for professors in the Management departments at Columbia Business School and NYU Stern. Outside of school, she enjoys taking walks (especially along Lake Michigan), keeping up with politics and current events, reading, writing, and traveling.

Research Interests

Broadly, Kristina's main research interests include interpersonal judgment, impression formation, and social interaction. She is particularly interested in how people form first impressions, and update these impressions based on subsequent interactions.

Selected Presentations & Publications

Levine, Emma E., and Kristina A. Wald. “Fibbing about Your Feelings: How Feigning Happiness in the Face of Personal Hardship Affects Trust.” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 156 (2020): 135–54.