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Kariyushi Rao

Kariyushi Rao

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MS, Computer Science, The University of Chicago
MBA, Organizational Behavior, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
SCPM, Stanford Advanced Project Management Program
BA, Government and Romance Languages, Bowdoin College


Kariyushi Rao is a PhD candidate in behavioral science at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Her research interests are related to pathologies that arise under suboptimal performance management systems, and include: performance appraisal elicitation and accuracy, collective responses to scarcity, and the behavioral consequences of common incentive structures. Kariyushi also applies her experience in social network analysis as a consultant to global firms on the development and management of intra- and inter-firm social capital. Kariyushi's academic career was preceded by nearly a decade of professional experience in high tech, during which time she also completed masters degrees in computer science (University of Chicago, 2016) and business administration (University of Chicago Booth School of Business, 2012), as well as her SCPM credential (Stanford Advanced Project Management Program, 2009).

Research Interests

Kariyushi investigates judgment and decision-making in the organizational context. She studies the effects of prior beliefs on predictions about processes, and people, and on responsibility attribution in both individual and team contexts. She also studies the behavioral consequences of exogenous and endogenous resource shocks in both individual and organizational contexts.

Selected Publications & Presentations 

An updated list of current projects is available at: www.kariyushirao.com.