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Cintia Hinojosa

Cintia Hinojosa

Cintia Hinojosa

Cintia Hinojosa

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BA, Psychology, University of Texas at Austin

Background & Education

Cintia P. Hinojosa is a doctoral student in Behavioral Science program working with Dr. Christopher J. Bryan at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

She earned her BA in Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin as a Ronald E. McNair Scholar and Dean’s Distinguished Graduate. During this time, she trained under the mentorship of Drs. David S. Yeager at the Adolescent Development Research Group, Cristine H. Legare and Jennifer Clegg at the Evolution, Variation, and Ontongeny of Learning Lab, and Robert Crosnoe at the Population Research Center. After graduating, she worked with Dr. Yeager as a project manager for the National Study of Learning Mindsets and then joined Dr. Bryan at Chicago Booth as a lab manager at the Center for Decision Research. She has experience designing and implementing school-based intervention programs to study adolescent healthy behavior change, social belonging, and academic mindsets. Cintia is also a member of Grads on the Ground, a cohort of UC graduate students focused on local justice and neighborhood immersion, where she is partnering with Coppin Community Center and the Boy Scouts of America to carry out the “Restoring the Village” program in Washington Park.

Research Interests

Cintia’s research focuses on positive youth development, civic engagement, and a psychological understanding of the structural forces that perpetuate socioeconomic inequity and racial disparities. She is interested in designing and evaluating intervention programs that incorporate the lived experiences of groups at the center of current social problems by using participatory action research methods and inter-disciplinary perspectives. Through this approach, she aims to provide evidence-based public policy solutions that are accessible to underserved communities and promote collaborative open-science research. She is also interested in how causal attributions of social problems influences public policy opinion and political attitudes.

Publications and Presentations

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