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Akshina Banerjee

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BA, Linguistics, University of Minnesota
BS, Economics, University of Minnesota


Prior to pursuing her doctoral degree, Akshina completed a Bachelor in Science and a Bachelor in Arts at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. During her undergraduate program, she visited the Booth Business School as a summer Research Professional and worked with the faculty of the Behavioral Marketing program. That is when she got interested in the field of consumer behavior and decided to pursue it through the lens of both her undergraduate majors linguistics and economics.  

Research Interests

Akshina's research interests are interdisciplinary, with overlaps in marketing, linguistics, economics, and psychology.

Most of Akshina's research focuses on linguistic influence on consumer decision-making, and mental accounting. 

Under linguistic influence on consumer decision-making, Akshina has worked on understanding the psychology behind when and how differences in verb tense usage (in a language) impacts people's intertemporal choices. She is currently investigating the impact of adding a foreign language to product descriptions on foreign food evaluations, and is also looking at the language of effective apologies. 

Under mental accounting, Akshina is working on how emotions impact the differences in mental accounting of present versus past costs, and she is also investigating the properties of related, ancillary accounts for given primary mental accounts. 

Selected Publications & Presentations

Banerjee, A., & Urminsky, O. (2020, WP). "What You Are Getting and What You Will Be Getting: Testing Whether Verb Tense Affects Intertemporal Choices." 

Banerjee, A., & Urminsky, O. (2017, October). "What You Are Getting and What You Will Be Getting: Testing Whether Verb Tense Affects Intertemporal Choices." 
Paper presented at the Association for Consumer Research. San Diego, CA.

Banerjee, A. & Urminsky, O. (2020, March). "Impact of Foreign Language on Food Evaluation and Choice."
Paper presented at the Society for Consumer Psychology, Huntington Beach. CA.