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PhD Students

Chicago Booth, through the Center for Decision Research, was the first business school to emphasize behavioral decision-making in its MBA and PhD curricula. The following PhD students are affiliated with the CDR. Their dissertations deal with managerial and organizational behavior as well as marketing.

Prospective graduate students who have research interests in topics under investigation by our faculty members, including topics in social psychology and judgment and decision-making, are encouraged to apply to the Chicago Booth PhD Program.

Current PhD Students

Akshina Banerjee

Research Interests: Consumer behavior, language and decision-making, temporality of past costs

Melissa Beswick

Research Interests: Prosocial behavior, intuitive thinking, perceptions of food technology

Diag Davenport

Email | Website
Research Interests: Behavioral and information economics, machine learning

Shweta Desiraju

Research Interests: Judgment and decision-making

Lin Fei

Research Interests: Judgment and decision-making

Cintia Hinojosa

Email | Website
Research Interests: Youth identity formation, value-oriented motivation, social belonging, critical consciousness and youth civic engagement

Samuel Hirshman

Email | Website
Research InterestsConsumer financial decision making and behavioral economics

Minkwang Jang

Research InterestsGoals, motivation, judgment and decision making

Michael Kardas

Email | Website
Research Interests: Social connection, psychological barriers to engaging with others

Daniel Katz

Research InterestsFinancial decision making, prosocial behavior, and inter-temporal choice 

Becky Lau

Research Interests: Language, communication, social cognition

Xilin Li

Research InterestsJudgment and decision making, consumer behavior, happiness

Jessica Lopez

Research Interests: Consumer behavior, identity, and dehumanization

Dan Medvedev

Research InterestsSocial cognition, self-regulation, moral psychology

Alexander Moore


Research Interests: Judgment and decision-making

David Munguia Gomez

Email | Website
Research Interests: Morality, social cognition, judgment and decision-making

Kariyushi Rao

Email | Website
Research InterestsCausal reasoning and responsibility attribution

Annabelle Roberts

Research InterestsJudgment and decision making, social cognition

Donovan Rowsey

Research InterestsReference-dependence, goals and motivation, strategic management, behavioral economics, judgment and decision-making

Anirudh Tiwathia

Research Interests: Judgment and decision-making

Kristina Wald

Research InterestsPerson perception, impression formation, social interaction, social cognition

Shannon White

Research Interests: Judgment and decision making, household financial decisions, intergroup processes

Yuji Winet

Research InterestsMotivation, social influence, change detection and facilitation

Shirley Zhang

Email | Website
Research InterestsConsumer behavior, choice architecture

CDR alumni include:

Pankaj Aggarwal
Simona Botti
Jessica Bregant
Zach Burns
Katherine Burson
Colin Camerer
Arjun Chakravarti
Andrew Chiu
Jinhee Choi
Ben Converse
David Faro
Stacey Finkelstein
Rachel Fisher
Brian Gibbs
Ayelet Gneezy
Indranil Goswami
John Gourville
Christine Hosey
Greg Janicik
Scott Jeffrey
Hye-young Kim
Sara Kim
Nadav Klein
Don Kleinmuntz
Jay Koehler
Minjung Koo
Hiro Kotabe
Soraya Lambotte
Ye Li
Alex Markle
Cade Massey
Craig McKenzie
Elizabeth Moliski
Sarah Molouki
Kristian Myrseth
Joe Nunes
Juliana Schroeder
Franklin Shaddy
Luxi Shen
Dilip Soman
Suzanne Shu
Jack Soll
Maferima Tillery
Claire Tsai
Yanping Tu
Daniel Walco
Klaus Wertenbroch
Pat West
Natalie Wheeler
Kaitlin Woolley
Adelle Yang
Mike Yeomans
Fang (Frank) Yu
Jiao (Joe) Zhang
Yan Zhang
Ying Zhang

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