The 2022 Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP) Conference is coming up March 4-5, and once again the CDR will have a significant presence. Fourteen CDR researchers will be featured across 12 sessions, plus two research skills workshops, and Prof. Ayelet Fishbach will deliver a keynote address.

This virtual conference features a unique structure with ten tracks, each containing four sessions, on topics like goals & motivation, attitudes & persuasion, and technology & society.

“Each session was carefully curated to connect scholars with a shared interest in a specific topic,” the conference organizers explain. “This design allows SCP to offer ten unique ‘conferences-within-the-conference.’”

Each session contains:

  • Four 10-minute Competitive Paper presentations
  • Discussant reflections & MC-led Q&A
  • Two 5-minute Flash Talks
  • Brief 1-minute Poster research question overviews
  • Further group discussion on session theme 

Learn more about the sessions featuring CDR research below.

Notes: Due to space constraints, only CDR-affiliated authors are listed. Please see the conference program for a full list of co-authors. All times are listed in EST to cohere with the official conference program. 


Thursday, March 3 (Research Skills Workshops)

2:00-3:00pm EST

  • “Getting CB Papers into Management and Psychology Journals” with Ayelet Fishbach


  • “Best Practices in Effective Data Management” with Oleg Umrinsky


Friday, March 4


Session: Goal Pursuit

  • “Do You Want to be Creative? Be Stupid First” - paper featuring research from Ayelet Fishbach

Session: Sustainable Consumption

  • “The Time Framing Effect on Consumption and Waste Avoidance” - Minkwang Jang presents a flash talk on research with Ayelet Fishbach


Session: Context Effects

  • “Reason Based Defaults” - Shweta Desiraju presents a poster on research with Berkeley Dietvorst


  • Keynote address by Ayelet Fishbach


Saturday, March 5


Session: Time and Temporal Effects

  • Discussant Oleg Urminsky
  • “How Should Time Estimates be Structured to Increase Consumers’ Satisfaction?” - paper featuring research from Berkeley Dietvorst

Session: Online Reviews

  • “The Influence of Mean Product Ratings on Review Judgments and Search” – Daniel Katz presents a paper featuring his research with Dan Bartels

Session: Effects of Valuation

  • “Consumers Take More Risk When Their Prospects are Tied to a Future State of The World” - Berkeley Dietvorst presents a paper on research with Lin Fei
  • “Beyond ‘Food’ and ‘Entertainment’: The Effect of Budgeting Taxonomy” - Lin Fei presents a flash talk on research with Dan Bartels

11:15am – 12:45pm

Session: Experience Effects

  • “Price Expectations and Spontaneous Opportunity Cost Consideration” - Nicholas Herzog presents a flash talk on research with Dan Bartels

Session: Gifts & Giving

  • “A Little Good Goes an Unexpectedly Long Way: Underestimating the Positive Impact of Kindness on Recipients” – CDR alum Amit Kumar (now UT McCombs) presents on his research with Nick Epley

Session: Underrepresented Consumers

  • “A Conceptual Framework for Investigating Developmental Consumer Behavior” - Margaret Echelbarger presents a flash talk on research with Abigail Sussman

Session: Product Evaluation & Use

  • “How Consumers Navigate, Evaluate, and Choose While Searching For Products” - Alexander Moore presents a paper on research with Dan Bartels


Session: Corporate Morality

  • “Do the Ends Justify the Means? Understanding Moral Reactance to ‘Poverty Porn’” – paper featuring research by Emma Levine


Session: Price & Numerical Cognition

  • “The Asymmetric Effect of Price Recommendation in Consumer Sequential Search” – Lin Fei presents a flash talk on research with Dan Bartels