Nicholas Epley

Nicholas Epley

"The Secret to Having More Meaningful Conversations"
December 26, 2021 on Quartz

"Gift Giving: Is it Really the Thought that Counts? Psychologists Weigh In."
December 13, 2021 in The Washington Post

"Why Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace the Rule of the Awkward Conversation, Backed by Science"
November 22, 2021 on Inc

"The Conversational Habits that Build Better Connections"
November 11, 2021 on BBC Worklife

Ayelet Fishbach

Ayelet Fishbach

"As COVID Surges Again, Consumers and Workers Are Worn Out but Resilient"
December 29, 2021 on Marketplace 

"How To Get Out of a Mental Rut, According To Psychologists"
December 6, 2021 on Well + Good 

Abigail SussmanAbigail Sussman

"Consider This Your Permission to Spend More Money in 2022"
December 30, 2021 in The Wall Street Journal

Richard Thaler

"Why Is Richard Thaler Such a ****ing Optimist?"
December 31, 2021 on Freakonomics' People I (Mostly) Admire