Nicholas Epley

Nicholas Epley

"Why this Stanford researcher says you should ask your friends for more favors: ‘We are a collaborative society’"
September 17, 2022 on CNBC

"Go Ahead, Ask for Help. People Are Happy to Give It."
September 15, 2022 in The New York Times

"The Unexpected Power of Random Acts of Kindness"
September 2, 2022 in The New York Times

"Why Your Social Life Is Not What It Should Be"
August 25, 2022 in The New York Times 

"Ep. 14 - The Brilliant Bumbler"
August 16, 2022 on the Nine Questions podcast

Ayelet Fishbach

Ayelet Fishbach

"5 Mindset Blocks That Stop You From Learning From Your Mistakes"
September 1, 2022 on Inc. 

"Ayelet Fishbach on Get It Done: Find the Fun Path to a Goal"
August 15, 2022 on the Passion Struck podcast

"The Recognition We All Want at Work"
August 8, 2022 in Time

"The 4-ingredient recipe for getting things done"
July 22, 2022 on CNN

Abby Sussman

Abigail Sussman

"Tips shrink at Chicago restaurants and bars amid inflation"
September 21, 2022 in Crain's Chicago Business

"Your College List: Financial Fit with Dr. Abigail Sussman"
August 23, 2022 on the College and Career Clarity podcast

"Money 20: Why We Bust Our Budgets"
May 9, 2022 on the Hidden Brain podcast

Mindworks: The Science of Thinking

"Around Town checks out Chicago Booth’s Mindworks: The Science of Thinking"
September 26, 2022 on WGN Morning News

"Delving deep into the mind at Mindworks Chicago"
August 17, 2022 on Fox 32's Good Day Chicago

"Downtown Chicago is awash in summer tourists. But a key driver of retail activity is missing: office workers"
July 24, 2022 in The Chicago Tribune

"Today In The Culture, July 19, 2022"
July 19, 2022 in NewCity