The Society for Judgment and Decision Making held its virtual Annual Meeting December 9-12, 2020. More than 15 talks and posters featured work by CDR faculty, principal researchers, and students. 

Sessions Featuring CDR Research

Please note: due to space constraints, we only list the CDR-affiliated co-authors below. Please see the SJDM program for a complete list of authors and abstracts.

  • David Munguia Gomez & Emma Levine - People Adjust Their Impression of a Candidate More Based on Disadvantage than Advantage
  • Alex Imas - Dynamic Inconsistency in Risky Choice: Evidence from the Lab and Field
  • Shereen Chaudhry - Apologizing First (But Not Second) is a Risky Choice
  • Ed O'Brien- Keep Talking: (Mis)Understanding the Hedonic Trajectory of Conversation
  • Celia Gaertig - Should Advisors Provide Confidence Intervals Around Their Estimates?
  • Berkeley Dietvorst & Lin Fei -People Take More Risk When Their Decisions Generate Prediction Errors in Addition to Monetary Outcomes
  • Lin Fei & Berkeley Dietvorst - Prediction by Replication: People Prefer Forecasting Methods Similar to the Event Being Predicted
  • Celia Gaertig - First is the Worst: Forecasters Get Less Credit for Predictions Made Far in Advance
  • Xuan Zhao - How (Corrected) Errors Humanize an Online Communicator
  • Annabelle Roberts & Ayelet Fishbach - When Wanting Closure Reduces Patients' Patience


Poster Presentations