Nicholas Epley"Should asking a stranger to take your photo go the way of the daguerreotype?"
August 3, 2020 in The Washington Post

Coronavirus could end the practice of having a stranger snap a family photo. Research from Nicholas Epley previously showed the value of this small, but surprisingly meaningful social interaction. 

George Wu

"There's often more money on the table than you think"
July 17, 2020 in Crain's Chicago Business (paywall)

George Wu offers advice for negotiating post-COVID, suggesting a bold approach. 

Ayelet Fishbach"The psychology behind to-do lists and how they can make you feel less anxious"
July 15, 2020 on CNN

We tend to celebrate endings like graduations or projects coming to completion, but for effective goal-setting, Ayelet Fishbach suggests celebrating "middles" to avoid losing motivation along the way.