"Leadership Capital"
December 2020 in Developing Leaders Quarterly

Linda Ginzel shares her model for harnessing personal insights to become a more courageous, intentional leader.  

"Overconfidence Could Be Investors’ Biggest Mistake, Richard Thaler Says"
December 4, 2020 on Barron's

In this interview, Richard Thaler talks economic inequality, his forthcoming update to Nudge, and the behavioral science behind common investing pitfalls.  

Nicholas Epley

"Happier Holidays: How to Give and Receive the Perfect Gift"
December 6, 2020 on The Happiness Lab

Nicholas Epley and other experts in the field of happiness discuss the behavioral science behind good gift-giving and receiving. 

"Zoom and Text Less, Call More, New Science Suggests"
November 12, 2020 on Inc.

Texting or emailing a friend may be easier, but to make a genuine connection, there's no substitute for your voice says research from Nicholas Epley

Ep. 439 "Please Get Your Noise Out of My Ears"
November 11, 2020 on Freakonomics

Guesting on the Freakonomics podcast, Joshua Dean discusses his research finding excessive noise reduces productivity. 

Margaret Echelbarger

"Kids Are Probably More Strategic about Swapping Halloween Candy and Other Stuff than You Might Think"
October 26, 2020 on The Conversation

Principal researcher Margaret Echelbarger covers her research with Alex Shaw on the surprising sophistication of children's negotiating.