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The Center for Decision Research hosts regular events to promote the field of behavioral science and yield scientific discoveries with the potential to improve individual and social welfare.

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Think Better with Richard Thaler

Wednesday, November 03 6:00 PM

"Nudge: The Final Edition"

Cover of Nudge: The Final EditionIn the decade since Nudge was first published, the book has become hugely influential, bringing behavioral economics to the masses and reshaping the policy landscape through the use of behavioral insights.

In this conversation with CDR Faculty Director Nicholas Epley, Nobel Laureate Richard Thaler will discuss the new edition of Nudge, rewritten cover to cover with co-author Cass Sunstein. Nudge: The Final Edition revisits the foundational principles of choice architecture using field-tested case studies, and expands into new territory with concepts like "sludge".

This event will be held virtually over Zoom. 

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