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Roman Family Center for Decision Research

Positioned at the forefront of behavioral science, the Roman Family Center for Decision Research is devoted to the study of how individuals form judgments and make decisions. Researchers at the center examine the processes by which intuition, reasoning, and social interaction produce beliefs, judgments, and choices. Understanding how and why people make decisions has important applications in a range of contexts, including management, marketing, finance, and public policy.

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Betsy Levy Paluck

Video: Think Better with Betsy Levy Paluck

On Wednesday, November 15, 2023, Betsy Levy Paluck (Princeton University) presented her Think Better talk ,"Who Influences Us?" exploring the dynamics of power and social status.The recording is now available to watch. 

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The Roman Family Center's 5 new faculty members


The Roman Family Center is pleased to welcome five new affiliated faculty members, as well as several new postdoctoral principal researchers and PhD students. Get to know the new members of the Roman Family Center.

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Emmanuel Roman

Gift from PIMCO CEO Manny Roman to the Center for Decision Research

Booth alumnus and university trustee Emmanuel "Manny" Roman, '87, has made a significant investment to support the Center for Decision Research. In recognition of Roman's generosity, the center was renamed the Roman Family Center for Decision Research. 

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Steven Pinker

VIDEO: Think Better with Steven Pinker & Richard Thaler

On May 24, 2023, Harvard's Steven Pinker sat down with Nobel laureate Richard Thaler for a fascinating conversation on rationality, AI, overcoming collective action problems, and more. The video recording is now available. 

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Quinn Hirschi

Announcing the 2023 Thaler-Tversky Independent Research Grant Winner

Principal researcher Quinn Hirschi is the recipient of this year's Thaler-Tversky Independent Research Grant. Learn more about Quinn and her proposed project exploring the misconception that one should talk less in a conversation to appear likable.

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Leadership alliance logo


This summer, the Roman Family Center for Decision Research will welcome two outstanding rising scholars as part of the Leadership Alliance’s Summer Research Early Identification Program. Get to know this year's participants, their mentors, and what excites them about the program.

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Neela Saldanha presenting at a podium

Video: Think Better with Neela Saldanha

On Wednesday, February 1, Yale's Neela Saldanha presented "Making Real Change: Applying behavioral science to applied behavioral science." The video and recap are now available. 

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Mindworks visitors are greeted by a research assistant

2022 Annual Report

The Roman Family Center's second annual report highlights Mindworks' first year in operation, key publications by faculty researchers, media coverage, events, and more.

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Chicago Booth, Center for Decision Research | PIMCO Decision Research Laboratories

A Partnership to Guide Wiser Decision-Making

In the fall of 2018, PIMCO and the Roman Family Center announced a partnership in support of the center's behavioral science research. In recognition of this investment in research, the center's laboratories were renamed the PIMCO Decision Research Laboratories.

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