Journal of Accounting Research

2017 Registered Reports of Empirical Research Conference Accepted Proposals and Papers

Disclosure "Scriptability"
     accepted proposal   conference paper  

Kristian D. Allee (University of Arkansas), Matthew D. DeAngelis (Georgia State University) and James R. Moon, Jr. (Georgia State University)

Investor Behavior and the Benefits of Dispersed Stock Ownership
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Darren Bernard (London Business School), Nicole L. Cade (University of Pittsburgh) and Frank Hodge (University of Washington)

Bridging the Gap: Evidence from externally hired CEOs

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Yonca Ertimur (University of Colorado, Boulder), Caleb Rawson (University of Colorado, Boulder), Jonathan L. Rogers (University of Colorado, Boulder) and Sarah L.C. Zechman (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Performance Effects of Setting a High Reference Point for Peer-Performance Comparison

     accepted proposal   conference paper 

Henry Eyring (Harvard Business School) and V.G. Narayanan (Harvard Business School)

Corporate Scandals and Regulation

     accepted proposal   conference paper    conference paper appendix

Luzi Hail (University of Pennsylvania), Ahmed Tahoun (London Business School) and Clare Wang (Northwestern University)

The Impact of Consulting Services on Audit Quality: An Experimental Approach 

     accepted proposal   conference paper 

Zach Kowaleski (University of Wisconsin), Brian W. Mayhew (University of Wisconsin), and Amy C. Tegeler (University of Wisconsin)

Effects of an Information Sharing System on Employee Creativity, Engagement and Performance

     accepted proposal   conference paper 

Shelley Xin Li (University of Southern California) and Tatiana Sandino (Harvard Business School)