Journal of Accounting Research

2019 Conference Papers


Corporate Disclosure as a Tacit Coordination Mechanism: Evidence from Cartel Enforcement Regulations

   Thomas Bourveau (Columbia University), Guoman She (HKUST),
   and Alminas Zaldokas (HKUST)

Does Private Country-by-Country Reporting Deter Tax Avoidance & Income Shifting? Evidence from BEPS Action Item 13

Preetika Joshi (York University)

Action-Based Contracts between Firms and Shareholders

   Jordan Schoenfeld (Georgetown University)

Evidence on the Use and Efficacy of Internal Whistleblowing Systems

   Stephen Stubben (University of Utah) and Kyle Welch (George Washington University)

The Difficulty of Being Good: The Efficacy of Integrity Hotlines

   Eugene Soltes (Harvard Business School)


*Papers will be available to download in early May 2019.