Almost 50 years after George Stigler's seminal paper "Theory of Economic Regulation," regulatory capture has not become a household concept. Under the new directorship of Luigi Zingales, the George J. Stigler center at the University of Chicago aims at promoting and diffusing research on regulatory capture and various forms of subversion of competition by special interest groups.

The work of the George J. Stigler Center will focus on four main directions:

  1. Financing and promotion of research on these topics.
  2. Development of indexes that measure and monitor the extent of capture.
    1. Campaign financing capture index.
  3. Public outreach.
    1. Conferences.
    2. The Pro Market Blog.
  4. Teaching.
    1. Development of new classes on these topics.
    2. Writing of business cases to facilitate the teaching of these topics in regular classes.
      1. Stigler's Cases In Business (coming soon).