The George J. Stigler Center’s mission is to support economic research on the interaction between the private economy and the state. Knowledge of this relationship is extremely useful as there are few areas in our lives where economics or the state does not intrude.

The Stigler Center seeks to make a unique contribution to the field through the application of “Chicago-style” analysis to government institutions, policies, and regulations affecting the private economy. Examples of some of the issues confronting economic policy makers at all levels of government that the center examines include pollution regulation, corporate governance, health care, inequality, and the division between private and public enforcement of criminal law.   

The economic analysis conducted by the Stigler Center creates thought leadership on major social issues as well as intellectual frameworks for decision making by government officials responsible for the formulation of public policy in the US and around the world. Read more »

News and Announcements

More than 40 years after George Stigler’s seminal paper “Theory of Economic Regulation,” regulatory capture has not become a household concept. Under the new directorship of Luigi Zingales, the George Stigler center at the University of Chicago aims at promoting and diffusing research on regulatory capture, special interest group influence and various distortions of the capitalist system.

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