Cindy Chow

Cindy Chow

2014 Marketing Fellow

With experience in the technology sector, marketing fellow Cindy Chow knew that an MBA was key to a career in brand management. She decided on Chicago Booth, because of its strong data-driven approach and its culture of rigorous analysis, intellectual curiosity, and education based on business fundamentals.

Now in her second year, Chow’s training has already led to a more robust view of marketing, a growth in analytical skills, and hands-on brand-management experience through a summer internship.

Expanded Insights into Marketing

Since coming to Booth my view of marketing has broadened. I’ve quickly learned how marketing is one of the most critical functions of an organization, as it can drive many facets of the business—from advertising to product development to effectively creating and positioning a brand.

The realm of possibility within marketing has also widened for me. Beyond brand management, I’ve become interested in consumer insights, customer relationship management, and loyalty.

A Deeper Understanding of Tools and Frameworks

Because marketing touches almost every aspect of an organization, it is important for a marketer to also be a strategic thinker. Strategy doesn’t just come out of nowhere. My training at Booth has given me tools, fundamental concepts, and theories that enable me to effectively approach a problem and develop an initial strategy.

A data-driven approach to marketing and the ability to be hands-on with real data is what sets Booth apart. I’ve learned to look beyond the surface of what the data tells me—to get a better understanding of what’s driving trends and patterns. This has helped me really differentiate myself as a marketer. Having the opportunity to actually analyze raw data and come up with insights enables me to better understand it and what it can do.

Real-Life Applications

My summer internship was in brand management with Disney’s Princess and Tinker Bell franchises, where I really got integrated into the day-to-day of brand management.

I was able to apply some of the frameworks that I learned in a consumer research project to help Disney explore some areas for growth within the franchise. I was involved with focus groups, and helped identify consumer insights to determine opportunities for improvement. Significant changes in the line are now being driven as a presentation of the focus group findings that I helped develop is being shared throughout the company.