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Instability in a Monetary Economy

Lord Adair Turner presented at the Scholes Forum on May 9th. Watch video>

Sufi Awarded Laing Prize

Amir Sufi has been awarded this year’s Gordon J. Laing Prize, for his book House of Debt (on the causes of the Great Recession), which he coauthored with Atif Mian. Read more>

The Global Decline in the Labor Share

Brent Neiman discussed how the labor share is declining at the Scholes Forum on April 20.
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Growth Prospects for the US Economy

Kevin Murphy and Lawrence Summers discussed their outlooks of the US economy at the Scholes Forum on February 18. Watch video>

What Do Economists Think about Major Public Policy Issues?

See a discussion of the IGM economic experts panel, examining how much economists agree and disagree on major issues and comparing economists' views with those of the general public.Learn more>

2016 US Monetary Policy Forum

Read this year's report titled "Language after Liftoff: Fed Communication Away from the Zero Lower Bound."

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Welcome to the Initiative on Global Markets

The massive global movements of capital, products, and talent in the modern economy have fundamentally changed the nature of business in the 21st century. They have also generated confusion among policymakers and the public.

Chicago Booth will continue our role as thought leader on how these markets work, their effects, and the way they interact with policies and institutions.

The Initiative on Global Markets will organize our efforts. It will support original research by Chicago Booth faculty, prepare our students to make good decisions in a rapidly changing business environment, and exchange ideas with policymakers and leading international companies about the biggest issues facing the global economy.

The Initiative will span three broad areas:

By enhancing the understanding of business and financial market globalization, and by preparing MBA students to thrive in a global environment, the initiative will help improve financial and economic decision-making around the world.