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New CDR Member for 2015

Bryan Joins Faculty

Bryan joins CDR Faculty
Think Better

CDR labs investigate how people form judgments and make decisions

Think Better
$3.6 Million Grant Received

CDR members to study how people can more effectively fulfill their stated purposes in life

$3.6 Million Grant Received
New CDR Member for 2015

Talhelm Joins Faculty

Talhelm joins CDR Faculty

Welcome to the Center for Decision Research

The Center for Decision Research is devoted to the study of how individuals form judgments and make decisions. Researchers at the center examine the processes by which intuition, reasoning, and social interaction produce beliefs, judgments, and choices. Understanding how and why people make decisions has important applications in a range of contexts, including management, marketing, finance, and public policy.

Founded in 1977, it is the oldest academic center devoted to decision research. Its activities include:

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