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The Initiative on Global Markets supports original research on international business, financial markets and public policies. Through our research efforts we seek to enhance the understanding of business and financial market globalization.

You can view work in progress supported by the Initiative by either research topic or faculty member.

Working papers provide initial findings on research projects funded by the Initiative.

Data Set: Political Slant of United States Daily Newspapers (2005)

The focus of this data collection was media slant in news coverage in the United States in 2005. Automated searches of newspaper articles and congressional records were conducted of 1,000 key phrases addressing such issues as abortion, gun control, taxes, health care, war, the environment, immigration policy, stem cell research, and minorities. A new index of media slant was then constructed that measured the similarity of a news outlet's language to that of the congressional Republican or Democrat.

These data are available to individuals at ICPSR member institutions.
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